Top 10 Bold Looks Of Bollywood Divas On Magazine Covers


Top 10 Bold Looks Of Bollywood Divas On Magazine Covers

Bollywood queens are known for their acting as well as for their looks. There are many stars who are known for their bold acts in movies. Right from kissing scenes to bed scenes, stars have done almost all they can to visualize their sensuous looks in movies.

Apart from movies, some of them have even made an attempt to go bold on magazine covers as well. This has made them even more popular as a diva.Deepika Padukone, Shraddha Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri and many others are some of the actress known for their bold looks on magazine covers. Here let us peep into some of the bold looks by actresses in Bollywood on magazine covers.

Deepika Padukone

Check out this sexy picture of Deepika Padukone for the Vogue magazine. She has also done bold acts for other magazine covers as well. But, she looks more appealing in this cover for sure. Isnt she?



Check out this all the more bold picture from the very beautiful Kangana. She has bee tagged as the Queen of hot in this cover page.


Sonam Kapoor

Sonam is yet another diva known for her boldness. She has undoubtedly given a bold look in this magazine cover of Maxim and I am sure you will agree to this.


Huma Quereshi

Huma Quereshi is seen extremely bold in this FHM magazine cover.


Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal Aggarwal, down from South ha come a long way to Bollywood, has indeed given one of the daring topless look in this magazine cover.

kajal-aggarwalKareena Kapoor

Kareena has given many such bold looks in many other magazines as well. This is one among them.


Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti Chopra has not done much bold acts in her movies. But, in this magazine cover, she has tried to cover up all those.


Shruti Hassan

Shruti is yet another south beauty in Bollywood, who has given a bold look indeed in this magazine cover.


Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor, one among the new divas in Bollywood, has tried her best to give that raw look in this magazine cover.


Nargis Fakhri

Last but not the least is Nargis Fakhri. Again, this one of the many bold look that the actress has given for a magazine cover. There are yet many of them.


There are many more magazine covers which gives you bold acts some by the Bollywood divas. Here are listed only a few among them. Keep reading our blog for more such articles on entertainment.

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Best 10 Fruits For A Glowing Skin


Best 10 Fruits For A Glowing Skin

People take so much of care of their skin to make it look healthy and beautiful. They spend a lot of money in buying beauty products and going to parlors for doing facials, to make their skin glow. These factors can help you for the same to an extent, but this only works if your skin is healthy. Unless you eat well to provide the needed nourishment to your skin and body from inside, there is no point in applying masks or cream from outside!

As we all know, eating fresh fruits and vegetables can help you gain the needed glow in your skin. All fruits and vegetables can help you out in the same, but here I would like to list best 10 fruits for a glowing skin.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away is a well-known saying. It means you will be rid of diseases if you eat an apple everyday. Likewise, apple can even help you to get a glowing skin. You can get that red cheeks and lips you have dreamt in your wildest dreams if you at apple everyday. Apple can give you a pimple free skin which makes it glow even more.



Banana is a healthy source of potassium and vitamins. It helps in moisturizing the skin and makes it feel soft. You can make face packs with banana as well as you can eat it. It prevents premature aging, helps to get rid of from dryness and pimples, and removes dark spots and blemishes.



Pomegranate is yet another fruit that is very good to get a glowing skin. It is enriched with iron. The whole part of the fruit is useful to make your skin look healthy and glowing. Pomegranate is considered as the fruit which contains the highest amount of antioxidants in it. So make it a part of your daily diet.



Pineapple is another fruit that can help you get a glowing skin. It can help in removing the dead cells from your skin, thus making the skin looks fresh and young. It is also helpful in pigmentation, removing dark spots and blemishes, to get a clear and glowing skin.



Strawberries are seasonal fruits. So, whenever available, you can make use it as well as they are good for your skin. It can help you to get an oil-free skin, prevent pimples and much more. Eat strawberries daily to get a flowing skin naturally. Also, use it as an ingredient in your face masks as well.



Papaya is best to be used as a face mask with little cream or honey to get a glowing skin. You can also eat it when ripe and use as a vegetable when raw, to give your skin a glowing effect. It is to be noticed that papaya is one of the main ingredients in many of the soaps, cleansers, lotions and masks that you buy from the shop. The main highlight of this fruit is that is rather very cheap when compared to other fruits mentioned here and is also easily available.



Lemon is best for skin. This fact is known by all. It helps to whiten your skin, helps to reduce dark spots and blemishes, kills pimples, and also it helps to clear of dandruff from your scalp which is another root cause for pimples. It is good if you take lemon juice with honey and warm water in an empty stomach to reduce your weight naturally.



Avocados help to moisturize our skin naturally. It is also one of the key ingredients in many of the soaps, lotions and creams that we buy from shops to give that needed glow on our skin. It helps in cell regeneration and growth thus making it look all the more glowing. It keeps the skin soft and supple.



Orange is yet another fruit that helps you to get a glowing skin. Being a citrus fruit like lemon, it too helps in pigmentation and is used to for skin whitening. You can use orange peel, orange juice in your face masks to get that glowing for your skin.


So, try to improve more fruits in your daily diet. If you cannot get any of the mentioned fruits at your table everyday, try atleast to eat any available fruit to get a glowing skin.

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Do You Drink Beer? Drink More…


Do You Drink Beer? Drink More…

Do you drink beer? Drink more… Now, you must be wondering what is so important in drinking a beer and asking you to drink even more. More in the sense not to have beer all the time, but it has been reported that there are many benefits from beer which can help you.

Yes, having beer can help you in many ways. Let us list some of the healthy benefits of drinking beer.

Beer Has Fibre

Surprised? It is true. Beer has high source of fibre in it. Beer is made from barley which has beta-glucan. It helps to improve the functioning of our heart by lowering the bad cholesterol. Experts say the dark ones are the best for this.


Keeps Kidney Healthy

Studies have proved that Beer can help in keeping our kidneys healthy. It claims that each beer bottle reduces the risk of getting kidney stones by 40%. Isn’t that surprising? So, if you are suffering from Kidney stones, you have now got a reason to drink more beer to get rid off your stones!


It Helps In Digestion

Now beer also helps in better digestion. Experts advice to have more dark beer to enable this function.


Low Risk Of Getting Heart Attack

Drinking beer will reduce the risk of getting cardiac problems. It reduces the level of bad cholesterol in your body. Studies have claimed that it can be reduced from 40-60%.


Boosts Memory

Beer can play a significant role in improving your memory. It has been proved that people who drink beer have less chance of getting Alzheimer and memory loss.


Strong Bones

Beer helps you to have stronger bones. High amount of silicon present in the beer can help you to make your bones stronger.


Relieves Stress

Drinking beer can help you to get rid off from your mental stress and starin. It has been proved that two glass of beer can relieve you from all the stress at your work place!


Good For Skin

Now, all ladies have a reason to drink beer. It makes your skin more beautiful. There are certain ingredients in beer which help you in resolving your pigmentation problem to a very great extent. Also, it makes your skin smooth and soft.


Boosts Immunity

Beer improves and boosts your immune power. It improves blood circulation as well as helps to be relieved from joint pains too.


It Helps You Sleep Well

Another reason to drink beer is that it helps you to sleep well. Beer contains lactoflavin and nicotinic acid which help you to have a good and sound sleep.


It Refreshes You

Drinking beer can refresh you. It makes you feel warm inside and relaxed.


Increases Vitamin B

Drinking beer increases vitamin B levels in you.


Beer Goes Well With Food

Beer is always a perfect combination to have with good food. You can have a beer with any of your favorite food. You can even use beer for cooking, to make your food taste better.


You have now got some real good and beneficial reason to drink more Beer. But, always remember to drink it on a minimal basis as too much of anything spoils the benefits!

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Trendy Handbags For Parties


Trendy Handbags For Parties

Women are always obsessed with most of their accessories. Some even have their lucky accessories which they make it a point to carry as a lucky charm. Of them, handbags and wallets are also included to be one of the favorite accessories that women treasure in their wardrobe collection. A lot of trendsetting has happened in the collection of bags and wallets as well.

Big brands always hunt to bring out the latest fashion preferred by their customers in each of their seasonal collections. Now that the winter is on, they have already displayed their set of handbag and wallet collections for the same.

Women like to carry trendy bags and wallets when they go out for parties and other important function, to make them feel elegant and stylish. A lot of new trendy bags and wallets have made their entry with limited edition as well. Popularity and demand has made these bags the favorite of all women indeed. Let us have a look at some of the trendy handbags and clutches that gained popularity among women and are mostly used for parties..

bag-1This is one of the stylish clutch that has gained popularity among women for many reasons. Be it its color, style or any other factor, it has a reason to get loved by the women.



This pink colored bag which can also be used as a clutch looks trendy as well as easy to handle. It is loved mostly by the teens for its color and style.



This clutch is yet another favorite of many people including Bollywood celebs. It is one of the best choice for you to be proud of carrying while at a party or any other function.


This black handbag is yet another favorite of many. It can be carried along with any attire that you wear and makes you feel comfy and elegant. It is a best choice for all women rather than the teens as it is not that funky type.

bag-5This blue clutch-cum-handbag is also a favorite of many women who are obsessed for handbags. It is simple and looks neat and elegant. You can carry it while at parties or even for functions like weddings.



This beige colored handbag cum clutch looks stunning and the color gives it the elegant look as well. With gold color in between , it can be used for all official purposes as well as for parties.


This has been in the list of favorites for a period of time. Still its presence make us aware of the popularity of this bag among the consumers. Its white and red combination with a gold color for the clutch, gives a trendy look as well. You carry it for parties as well as for other official purposes.



This purple colored clutch is favorite among the teens as well as among others. Its velvet color gives you all that needed style and elegant look. The roses and the plaits with a silver colored clutch in the middle makes it all the more perfect for a party use.


This is a cute handbag-cum-clutch for all the teens especially. Its color and the stylish looks makes it a perfect choice for all that people who needs a trendy collection in their wardrobe.


This is yet another favorite collection by most of the teens. This handbag can be a perfect choice if you are going out for a party.

Now that you have seen the latest trends in the party collection of handbags, clutches and wallets, the choice is yours. You can buy them online from our site Couponrani, which provides you numerous stores which has the latest collections on these.



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In Pics: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan In Anarkali Suits


In Pics: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan In Anarkali SuitsIn Pics: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan In Anarkali Suits

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one of the most popular star diva in Bollywood even today. Though she is married and is keeping away from the industry since then, it has not decreased the star value of the actress. Ever since she got married, we have noticed that the actress has become a lot more concerned about her costumes. She has started wearing heavy designer outfits from then and after her delivery, the actress is seen in anarkalis mostly.  One of the site we recommend for Anarkali suits is Pavitraa. Check out Pavitraa coupon codes before shopping at the store.

Let us have a look at the best 20 anarkali outfits worn by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Which is your favorite? Post in the comment box below…

Check out this stunning red anarkali outfit worn by Aishwarya

anarkali 1

Check out this white anarkali outfit. The was seen at this function with her father-in-law and actor Amitabh Bachchan.





Again, the actress just look awesome in this heavy work anarkali.



Aishwarya is seen with her hubby Abhishek Bachchan in a beautiful anarkali




Aish is seen with Mollywood actress Manju Warrier, during a function hosted by Kalyan Jewellers.



This anarkali is available in most of the online stores for Bollywood replica category.





Check out this green anarkali worn by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan




Aishwarya looks too good in this heavily embroided anarkali suit


Check out Aishwarya in this black and red embroided heavy anarkali suit



Aishwarya is seen wearing a pink anarkali, along with her husband Abhishek Bachchan




This white, black and red combination gives an elegant look to the anarkali suit worn by Aish, Isn’t it?




It seems like red is the favorite color of Aish. Here is another picture of Aishwarya wearing a red anarkali suit.




Aishwarya is seen in yet another beautiful anarkali suit.




This is yet another wonderful anarkali worn by Aish. this is my personal favorite too




Asih waves her hand as she walks in through the red carpet of a function wearing a beautiful anarkali.




Aish is seen wearing this majenta anarkali during a function hosted by the Bachchan family.




Aish is seen wearing a majenta anarkali again, along with Amitabh Bachchan, at an event.






Aish simply looks in her best in this beautiful anarkali.




Here comes yet another beautiful anarkali. Aish seems to look even more beautiful in this outfit.




Both Aish and hubby Abhishek look perfect couple in this outfit of theirs.




Which one’s did you like the most.  Share us your thoughts in comments?


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How To Dress Up Beautifully To Look Good


How To Dress Up Beautifully To Look Good

All of us always try to look our best wherever we go. We try to be stylish in what we wear and focus on others if we have missed out anything on fashion that is the latest to update. There is no need of all these things; we if clearly make a note of some yet elegant steps to look beautiful.

The most important factor to look beautiful is to make sure that you wear something that suits you the best. No one knows you from inside when you meet them for the first time. Your style and looks are all that matters. If you want to impress anyone for the first time, make sure that you are dressed up perfectly.

If you are not pretty sure on how to dress up beautifully to get a perfect look, here are some tips for the same.

Always try to shop only such clothes that suit you. Now, if you are not aware what kind of dresses suits you, you can very well take the help from your parents, friends, husband or someone who is really close to you. You might like a dress and wants to buy it. But, the point is whether you will look good in that dress? Try out dresses before making the purchase to make sure it suits you well. Not, only the dress but the color of the dress is also important.


Make sure that you always buy the right size. If it is not, then make it your size by resizing it. Do not waste money on buying something just because it is cheap. Make sure that you are benefitted from it. Wear the dress that gives a perfect fit on you, will make you look good indeed and it will alternately make you feel comfortable as well.


It is good that you try different colors in your wardrobe, but it is always not safe to try out colors when you are going to attend something very important. Always be at your best with what you are really confident on when you have to attend a really important function. It is not the right time to experiment yourself.


Try to make economic purchase for your wardrobe. There is no harm in spending a ransom for apparel that will run a long way rather than spending too much on a dress that you wear hardly once in a year.


Make a collection of some colorful and funky accessories into your wardrobe list. You can wear them while going out with friends, party and other informal occasions. It will make you look different as well. Try out something different for your feet as well apart from your normal shoes or sandals.


Take care of your face, hands and legs everyday. See that they are treated properly and you are not facing an awkward moment for an unwaxed legs or hands! Cleanse your face, do a neat and impressive make-up. This can make you look even more beautiful.


If you are so particular in carrying a wallet or a bag with you, make sure that it goes with the dress and your look. There is no point in carrying a big handbag when you are out for a wedding and it will make you feel uncomfortable later on. Try out new hairstyles and select the best one for special occasions. You can revise on them later on.


Now, you are dressed up perfectly. All you need now is a bit of confidence on what you are and how you look. Show it on your face and smile always. It can take you a long way!

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Tips For A Balanced Diet


Tips For A Balanced Diet

Each one of us knows the reason why we eat. But, how many of us are even bothered about the kind of food we take? We never think of the nutritional facts and the need for it when we eat unless we get lacked of it later. Everyone knows that we are supposed to have a balanced diet in our daily routine. It is important to have a balanced diet in order to get a healthy and good life.

We are rid off tiredness and other diseases if we follow a balanced diet in our routine. We have to select the needed amount of nutrition from our varied food system for the balanced diet. It means eating certain things in moderation including saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, refined sugar, salt and even alcohol consumption.


A balanced diet will have appropriate amount of calories from your intakes including fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, grains, rice, sweets, juice and the rest. Now, you will be surprised what is the importance to have a balanced diet? A balanced diet is really important as our body’s organs and tissues need proper and balanced nutrition to work properly and effectively.

Obesity, diabetes, cardiac arrest, cancer, kidney failure etc are some of the after effects of n unbalanced diet. Now, let us look at some tips to make sure that you have a balanced diet each day, to make you feel strong and healthy for a better living.

Try to eat atleast one fruit a day. Eating fruit means not to go and buy only orange or apple. It can be any seasonal fruit available in the market. Any fruit is good for the health. Fruits should be fresh. It can be an orange, apple, banana, guava, pomergranate, grapes, kiwi, chikko, sabarjali or any other fruit easily available in the market. It can be your snack as well, avoiding the fried chips and samosas to have a healthy and nutritious one instead.


Include more vegetables in your diet. If at all you are fond of non-vegetarian diet, make sure that you include veggies as well in your daily diet. It will give you the needed vitamins, minerals and all other needed for a balanced diet. Eat more greenly foods and it can keep you away from getting diseases as well. Veggies solely can provide you the needed nutrients.


Try to have protein rich food atleast thrice a week. These include egg, meat, soya, peas etc and are a rich source of protein.


Try to include dairy products like milk, curd, fat free cheese, butter etc in your diet on a moderate level. It can help you with the needed calcium, vitamin D and other essential nutrients. It has been seen that people take skimmed milk for the fear of putting on weight. But, t has been reported that skimmed milk has no nutrients to provide and so take milk which has fat with a little water added to it, to reduce the fat level.


Use salt in your daily diet on a minimal amount. Too much of salt can lead to many diseases. Eat foods that are high in fat and sugar on a minimal note as well. They can either make you obesity or diabetic.


Taking into consideration all these factors, you are sure to have a balanced diet indeed, having the essential nutrients need for the proper functioning of your body at its best. But, solely this will not help you. Do regular exercises, drink lot of water and avoid eating junk food all the time. You are sure to have a healthy long life ahead if you follow these steps regularly.

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Flipkart Launching Spice Android One Dream Uno!


Flipkart Launching Spice Android One Dream Uno!

Google launched their latest collection of Android One smartphones yesterday, 15th September. It was said that it will be giving all the internet users a high-end experience on smartphones at reasonable rates. Now, Flipkart has announced that they will be exclusively launching Spice Android One Dream Uno smartphones with exciting launch offers at just Rs.6299 inclusive of all taxes.

Flipkart has announced that they will be providing flat 50% off on Spice Dream Uno flipcovers. The buyer will also get a Sandisk 8 GB memory card free with this offer. They are also giving Myntra App worth Rs.1500 free for Spice Android One Dream Uno. They are also giving free preselected eBooks worth Rs.1000 on downloading the Free Flipkart eBooks App .

You can purchase the phone with an easy EMI rate of Rs.563 as well. The phone has one year manufacturer warranty and another six months warranty for the accessories in the box by Spice India. It also has free transit insurance.

Other exciting offers include free screenguard in the box and a free recharge worth Rs.200 from Freerecharge. When we look at the specifications of the Spice Android One Dream Uno smartphones, it has Android v4.4.4 OS, a 5 MP primary camera, 2 MP secondary camera, Dual Sim ( GSM+GSM).

Other key features include: it has Wi-Fi enabled and FM radio, has 4.5-inch LCD Capacitive Touchscreen,1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor and the external memory can be expandable upto 32 GB. Besides these storage options, Spice provides free cloud storage with 35 GB space on Google Drive and 10 GB space on Spice Cloud.


The phone is best for perfect selfies, videos and is truly a pocket friendly smartphone. The Spice Dream Uno comes with Android One platform which runs on Android KitKat 4.4 that your Dream Uno runs faster and helps to improve battery life.

Apart from Spice, Lava and Micromax are other handset makers coming up with the Android One. Flipkart and Amazon are the online sellers.

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Check Out Best Honeymoon Destinations In India During Winter


Check Out Best Honeymoon Destinations In India During Winter

India is one of the popular destinations among the tourists outside India. They take the pain to travel from their native, exploring India to its maximum. Now, it is the winter season. Love and romance is all in the air. It is the best time to travel across India as the places will be saved from the intense summer heat as well.

Winter is also the time for weddings in India. Most of them choose this season to escape from the summer difficulties. Winter is the best season to go for your honeymoon. No matter you are recently married couples or a couple married years ago, honeymoon can happen at any time of your life. So, if you are interested to know the best honeymoon destinations in India, continue reading…


Kerala, also known as God’s Own Country is one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations by the people of India as well as tourists. It is the land of greenery, backwaters, tea plantations and ayurveda. You can visit here as a honeymoon destination as well as a place to relax from your busy life.


Places like Kovalam, Veli, Ponmudi, Munnar, Kumli, Kumarakom and many such beautiful places are in the state to make your honeymoon a most memorable one. You can even go on a houseboat and spend time with your loved ones inside the boat with all the facilities and awesome food as well.


Goa is another honeymoon destination in India. The place is famous for beaches and wines. You can even visit places in and around Goa to make it go wild with a rich nightlife for a memorable period for the rest of your life.


Andaman And Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar is yet another option for most of the honeymoon couple. The place is rich in diversity with respect to religion, culture and religion. The scenery is so captivating that you will love it at first sight. Couples will surely love this place.


Beaches, forests, beautiful landscapes – all this makes the place a perfect honeymoon destination during winter.


Shimla is indeed a beautiful place to get to know each other. Shimla treats you in the most romantic way. The best part of the place is the climate and to see the places being covered with snow. The sight only will make you go romantic.


Kullu Manali

Kullu Manali is somewhat similar to Shimla with respect to its scenic beauty. You can have the sight of the great Himalayas, large trees with apples and plums, the magical Beas River and many other sights which will tempt you to go romantic. So, it is one of the most favorite honeymoon destinations by the people which have grown in time.

Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir is brimmed with natural beauty. The place, which has the most romantic scenic beauty in India is one of the famous honeymoon destinations in India. You have innumerable choices if you choose Jammu to make your honeymoon the best one in your life.


There are lakes, Mughal Gardens, trekking, shopping, awesome food and what not! You only need to visit the place to enjoy the flavours of the place to its best.

Now, that you have got the list of places to visit for honeymoon in your hand, the call is all yours. Book now and enjoy!

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What Vegetables To Eat During Winter?


What Vegetables To Eat During Winter?

Winter is nearing and almost everyone has already started taking the needed precautions to prevent them from the cold climate. But, people are still confused over the food that should be taken during this time.

A mother is the most confused person at this point of time. She has the headache of preparing favorite dishes for all in the family which is healthy as well, for the season. If there are kids at home, then there is no point in saying it all.

Fresh Vegetables are unavoidable during winter. Betroot, Cabbage, Carrots, Capsicum, Corn, Pea, Tomato etc are some vegetables that are gown popularly during the winter. Carrots are best to take during the winter season as it is rich in vitamin A, which helps in body’s ability to prevent cold. It is good for the eyes as well. Carrots can be eaten as raw, which is even better for the body rather than eating it cooked.

Now, let us take a look at the vegetables that should be eaten during winter….


As mentioned above, carrots are main source of Vitamin A, which can battle the body from the cold climate. You can have it either in your main course or many even take it raw.



Raddish is almost similar to Carrot in help in helping the body to fight against the cold climate. Apart from that, it also helps in reducing the weight of the body. Its peel is rich in antioxidants and contains vitamin B, C and folate.



Spinach is common during most of the season and it is abundantly grown during winter. It can prevent diseases that attack you during the season. It helps in skincare and even fight against cancer.



 It is yet another vegetable that is cultivated during winter. It not only helps to fight against the disease, but also it helps to increase the body heat, thus helps in maintaining the body temperature.


Green Beans

Alike all vegetables, Green Beans too helps in maintaining the body temperature and also provides essential nutrients that our body needs. It is a good source of protein and helps in reducing the weight loss as well.



Green Peas is yet another vegetable that is grown commonly during the winter season. It is rich in vitamins K, B, in folic acid and ascorbic acid.



Yams are found in abundance during the winter season. It is the best source of proteins. You can cook it easily as well to make a good meal.  Yams are also a good source of vitamins C and B. It rejuvenates the cells and the body. Yams also provide the needed energy for the day.



It is rich in vitamins, fiber and helps in easy digestion. It prevents constipation, maintains blood sugar level. It is also rich in proteins. It keeps the body less acidic.



Cabbage is yet another source of vitamins and it too helps indigestion. You can even lose your weight by taking cabbage juice daily in your diet. Folic acid is present in cabbage juice and is considered as an important nutrient as it helps build new blood cells.



Tomatoes are a good source of Vitamins A, C, K, folate and potassium. It also helps in weight loss and also keeps your skin glowing and hair shining.


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